The desire for a change for the horses and to observe that although we cannot change the reality of Argentina, we can change something in it, and we know that from ACMA we are achieving it, because you who are reading this book, are making it possible because you feel a deep love for our work, but even more because you love and long for change ...

We come to this world to admire all of God's creation, we are born happy, pure and we believe in it, but when we are adults we realize that this existence ceases to be so, to be an appearance, and to return to that which is essential we must transform society, and for this we must change first ....... as individuals.

In this book you will be able to read about the existence of the soul, the mind, the spirit and the being, and each one of them forms a whole, it is the diversity that is found in each one of us, which is kept in constant balance. .

Just as we also feel sadness and joys, pain and pleasure, which also coexist within us, we must take advantage of both diversities, because pain drives you to go out in search of change, joy compensates for that bitter taste that sadness leaves, and you have to know how to distinguish the pleasure you feel when you reach the goal.

At ACMA we feel the pain that prompted us to want to change the reality of abused horses, we enjoy joy with each freed horse, we fall into the sadness of feeling powerless many times, but we never stop feeling pleasure in doing what we do for them .

We do not remain immersed in sadness, we go forward to try to change, our nature is one of deep sensitivity that makes us stronger every day; Contrary to what is said, a sentient being is not synonymous with weakness, but resurfaces in each agony with more strength, and is a unique quality of the one who loves, loves and respects, being transparent but not invisible to reality. ..

You have to cry first to be able to laugh later, because you can't enjoy that sweetness if you haven't felt the bitterness that that pain caused you ...

The mind reflects your essence, we must go back to being children to be able to understand what world we thought we knew, so pure, where there was only happiness and try to make it a reality and that depends on you ...

It is a tedious, hostile, almost impassable road, where the top becomes almost unattainable, but with guts, love and a clear mind we can reach ..

ACMA was born on March 30, 2010, with it arises the need to address the reality of horses in a defenseless state, to solve the problem of horse-drawn carts. Perhaps a very ostentatious ambition, for wanting to solve a problem already entrenched in a distorted society, where everything is confused, where not all the solution is in our hands, since they are somewhat small for such a heavy structure with fragile foundations from its roots, where the correct conjunction was given for a group of people with the same feelings, to come together and try to shore up the foundations so that those foundations do not collapse, and we use as the only tools LOVE and TRUTH, with which we face every day the transformation of this reality, driven by the compassion of those defenseless, unprotected and excluded, sentient beings who have value and deserve our respect, and that was the key to feeling the fullness of our existence ...

If we have to talk about the history of the horse, we could not do it, without acknowledging that they made history, accompanied man in his conquests, participated in battles, was part of socio-economic development, in rural jobs, as a means of transportation, they were inseparable companions of the children in the school stage, they were true heroes without honors to whom we owe every piece of our ancestor, of our culture, of our nation.

In these times and knowing that we have traveled to the moon, and we alight on it, showing that nothing is unattainable, and that we can control everything, we are leaving aside the contact with the other, we become more insensitive, more antisocial, more Lonely, we are puppets of ambition, stress, routine, and there are very few who see beyond what their sight gives them, there are very few who stop to look around, because we are not alone in this world, and we are those few who even when we go through the streets, we continue to see enslaved horses tied to carts, with their heads lowered, bony with hunger, staring, and that shows that we have not evolved, we have only advanced from rational way, leaving behind the emotional, where respect for the other is at stake ... and then we boast of being superior beings, when we leave the one who made history tied up as a hostage to a hostile society that seems to have no remedy to the time to love s anar such a fault that we have committed with him.

With our acts of love and work that we do every day at ACMA, because if we make it possible for you to understand them, you will be able to replicate it everywhere, and we assure you that this is the way to change that reality.





Dr. Ariel Corse - Veterinarian - President of the ONG

Our Institution

Our Institution has two facilities, one in an urban area, "Alejandro Korn", and another in a rural area, "Baradero"

We lease a 30-hectare field in ALEJADNRO KORN, whose facilities have 60 boxes to house horses in critical condition, 2 boxes of intention to house horses in serious condition.

We lease for "grazing" a field in BARADERO of 400 hectares, where we house those horses that are in optimal health and with medical discharge,

These horses live in absolute freedom, living in their natural habitat, fed with natural grass and periodically controlled,

Our book

We already have the first edition of our book, where our love for animals and the passion we feel for this work are recorded.