Organized Voluntary Action is one that is developed within a non-profit organization by individuals who, altruistically and in solidarity, intervene with people and social reality, in the face of situations of violation, deprivation or lack of rights or opportunities to achieve a better quality of life, and greater cohesion and social justice as an expression of organized active citizenship.

A volunteer pursues a goal and a positive objective (seeking a change for the better in the other's situation) and legitimate, the volunteer has sufficient capacity to provide help and a certain consent on the part of the other that allows him to help him.

To serve means to give, to sacrifice a part of oneself, of what one possesses, in favor of others.

Each horse that enters ACMA is loved, respected and supported by volunteers, people who dedicate their time to give well-being to the horses that are rescued from abuse, they are a very important pillar in ACMA, they are the ones who work piecemeal with a single purpose , give the best of himself to them, his "loved ones rescued" ...

"It is useless for man to lament the times in which he lives. The only good thing he can do is to try to improve them."